Premium Subscription Packages and Minute Prices In CooMeet

Premium Subscription and Minutes shown in CooMeet Agreement are under below. You can understand All Premium Packages here. CooMeet is a Premium video dating website with a unique feature of stranger dating. Unique Video dating site have a unique premium plans, which were explained in detail below.

As per CooMeet Agreement :

13.1. You should have a Premium status (hereinafter referred to as “Premium”, “Premium Subscription”) and a certain number of minutes (hereinafter referred to as “Minutes”) to get access to and use the main features of our Application. 

13.2. Premium Subscription provides access to the Application for a specified period of time. However, in order to use the video chat feature a User should also have prepaid Minutes on one’s account. 

13.3. With the Premium Subscription each User gets a certain number of free Minutes, which depends on the Premium Subscription period you choose. The longer the Premium Subscription period lasts, the more free Minutes you get.

13.4. From time to time, there are events in the Application (for example, promotional events). If the event represents a gift for the registration, then it is meant only for the new users, who create an account with the system for the first time. Changing or creating a new account does not grant you the right to get the respective bonuses and discounts.


13.5. Currently, there are the following Premium Subscription packages available:

(a) 1 month – 9.99 USD + 20 Free Minutes. In total: 9.99 USD

(b) 3 months – 8.99 USD per month + 55 Free Minutes. In total: 26.99 USD

(c) 12 months – 4.99 USD per month + 120 Free Minutes. In total: 59.88 USD

(d) Trial Premium – 1.99 USD + 10 Free Minutes. In total: 1.99 USD


13.6. When the Premium Subscription is paid in a different currency, the money is converted at your Bank’s current exchange rate.

13.7. After you have used all of your free Minutes, you can still buy Extra Minutes to continue using the video chat or the video chat messenger.

13.8. The cost of 1 (one) Minute is 0.50 USD.


13.9. Currently, there are the following Minutes packages available:

(a) 60 Minutes – 25 USD 

(b) 120 Minutes – 50 USD 

(c) 360 Minutes – 100 USD


13.10. Each User can purchase a trial access for 3 (three) day. The trial access is provided ONLY once to each individual person. Changing or creating a new account does not grant you the right to purchase the trial access repeatedly.

13.11. If you have already purchased the trial access once, but then you create a new account to buy it again, then 10 free minutes will NOT be credited to you – you will only be granted 1 free day of Premium.

13.12. The packages of Premium or Extra Minutes to buy are selected on the payment page. The Premium or Extra Minutes packages can be changed by us from time to time. You agree that the Company shall not be liable to you or other Application users for any changes made to the number of Minutes.

13.13. A User will also get free Minutes and/or additional discounts for each payment.

13.14. Only purchased Minutes will allow you to use the video chat and the video chat messenger with your contacts. It means that Premium Subscription alone does not allow you to use the video services unless you have enough Minutes on your account.

13.15. Written communications and sending video messages to your contacts are included in the Premium cost.

13.16. In case you have unused paid Minutes, but your Premium Subscription has expired, those Minutes will remain and become available for regular use right after you renew your Premium Subscription. However, you won’t be able to use your paid Minutes until you renew your Premium Subscription.

13.17. All your free Minutes will automatically expire along with your Premium Subscription.

|Published on September 10, 2019



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